DIY: Knuckle Rings

 Knuckle rings! They’re basically these thin bands of gold or silver that look like ill-fitting rings, since they only fit up to the upper part of your finger, that can be stacked. I’ve been meaning to purchase one, I was thinking of getting them from Etsy since they have so many choices and the photos look so pretty… but then as I was searching for nice ones, I found that some people had handmade ones and were even selling them online! So I decided to make my own.

  You’re going to need:

1. Gold/ Silver Wire, I used an 18 gauge wire, I also tried to use a 16 gauge one, it’s definitely sturdier since its thicker, but it was harder to bend.

While looking for wires, I found that there were actually Gold coated wires, and they cost around Php 900+? If you want something that will last, and you can use a long time, that would be a good option, but since I’m just making this for trend’s sake, I got the cheap one, around Php 20 or less.

2. Pliers, Round nose pliers are important to make the loops.

3. Something round, like a marker, or lipstick, something that is roughly the size of your finger.

 1. Cut off around 2 inches of wire

2. Wrap it around your round object of choice, I used that marker.

3. Take it out and adjust it a bit,

4.  Make sure it fits your finger

5. Close the ends by using your round nose pliers and twist each end inward

6. Finished!

 My favorite type of Knuckle rings, are the chevron ones, they kind of have a peak point in the middle, so here’s how you modify your basic knuckle ring to form a chevron shape

 1. Pick the center of your ring, or where you want the peak to be

2. Use the round nose pliers to press down on the peak point, while your fingers on both sides of the ring upward.

3. Finished product

 Here they are!

I wasn’t able to get pictures of me taken, so I took photos of my friends trying them on:

    Enjoy making rings!
Look at my other creations here: Pulseras by Kim

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5 thoughts on “DIY: Knuckle Rings

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  3. Hi! I love your diy rings. :) Btw where exactly in front of UST did you buy the wire? I’ve been looking forever! I’ve been to nearly all hardware stores but haven’t found any. I’d really appreciate the details. Thank you so much! :)

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