BTS: The Wild Iris

Shop Profile:

1. Name of Shop: thewildiris 

2. Shop Category: Fashion

3. General description of products sold: pre-loved and brand new clothes

4. Websites/ links to your shops:

5. Contact number/s: 09157644925 

6. Email address:


Owner Profile:

IMG_20130912_142447 (How cute is Inah?)


1. Name of owner: Inah Cruz 

2. Age: 17

3. Other job (if applicable):none

4. Favorite online stores: vivalamanika, lookfabforless



Your story:

1. How long have you been selling online:

roughly a week hehe

2. Short history on how you started your shop:

I came back from migration with too much clothes that I no longer use. I saw a lot of closet sale shops so I started my own:) 

3. General problems encountered:

None yet

4. Best things about running an online shop:

You get to make people happy and the feeling that they always thank you and compliment you is overwhelming.


Promotional details: 

1. There will be an opening giveaway next week (sorry this has already ended)
2. Open for swaps 



1. Nothing is impossible as long as you work hard for it :)  Be happy and passionate !



What I love about her/ her shop:

I LOOOVE her items, they are absolutely fabulous, this girl obviously has a good sense of style, and before you go judging “closet sale shops”, be rest assured that these are in perfect condition, plus most of them are BRANDED! And right now they are on SALE! What could be more perfect?

Fullscreen capture 9252013 101433 PM


Plus, have you seen her photo edits? they look like they came straight from a magazine! This 17-year old is gonna go places with her editing talent!

9721172841_cc7ac6d1ff_o 9721172885_8370bb4e70_o 9714119933_2fc84bec64_o


What I’m looking forward to:

I am extremely excited about her new TURBAN HEADBANDS, which I read would be available MID OCTOBER! Definitely something to wait for… Just look at these:

Fullscreen capture 9252013 101413 PM


Comment a YAY to the photo!!

BTS: @i_lovebooks

Hi loves! this is a new section for my blog which is for the online sellers sharing their stories, being an online seller myself, I understand how hard it is to start up your own business, so this might help YOU! Also spot up and coming shops, you’ll never know, you might just find that item you’re looking for here.

So for my first feature, let me introduce you to Kaye, this gorgeous mother is such an inspiration! She bought a few bracelets from me from way back and I was so enthralled by her sunny disposition that I gave her little girl a bracelet of her own! What’s great about her shop is that YOU can also be a seller! Check out her awesome price-drop promos on unlimited ebooks and emags! This is a great opportunity for you especially if you’re into reading!


Shop Profile:

1. Name of Shop: IloveBooks (@i_lovebooks)

2. Shop Category: Books/Magazines/Comics

3. General description of products sold: Ebooks (Fiction, Non-fiction, Biography, Self-Help, Medical, Children, Beauty, Diet, Cookbooks, Local, Reference, Baby, Parenting, etc.) Emagazines (Local and International) Archie Ecomics

4. Websites/ links to your shop

Instagram: @i_lovebooks



5. Contact number/s: 09069656398/09158042751

6. Email address:

Owner Profile:

1. Name of owner: Kaye B. Dela Peña

2. Age (if your willing to share) 24 years old

3. Other job (if applicable): Unemployed Single Mom Hahaha!

Your story:

1. How long have you been selling online?

I started selling ebooks March 2013. So it’s been 6 months na. :)

2. Short history on how you started your shop

I’m an unemployed single mom so nag-isip ako what are some hassle and stress free way to have extra income so I can manage to give the needs of my baby. Also, considering na hindi ako mawawalan ng time kay baby. I want to be a hands-on mom talaga kasi. And another reason is para bawas gastos to my loving parents who are assisting me financially with my baby’s needs. Sila na nga tumulong sakin when I was pregnant so gawa gawa rin ng paraan para magkaron ng pera kahit papaano. May hiya rin naman ako papaano (lol!) and I need to be responsible na din kasi nanay na ko. :) And I’m also a booklover kasi so even before pa na wala akong online shop, I do read ebooks na. Mas tipid kasi. :)

3. General problems encountered

Hindi maopen ng buyer yung ebooks/emags/ecomics. Pero usually naman naayos din. Basta mag-usap lang ng maayos. Minsan kasi wala palang ebook reader/ comic reader yung buyer.

4. Best things about running an online shop

You earn NEW friends. Lalo ring pinahaba ang pasensiya ko. :) You interact with different people.

Promotional details:

1. Announcements, Upcoming Bazaars

2. Promos for re-sellers/ wholesale deals

Promo Giveaway Emags Archie Overloadcb994fd0ef5111e2866422000a1f9c90_7 Unlimited Ebooks ebooks


1. Advice for your entrepreneurs planning to open a shop


Manila Sundance Bazaar

So, it’s been awhile, but here goes a quick bazaar post!

Dropped by the Manila Sundance Bazaar at MetroTent, Metrowalk this afternoon


Here are just some snap shots of the awesome things to see!



Eager beaver Kim


These earrings from Arajera were just too gorgeous! The shape makes it look like you have more than one earring hole,  what a fab idea.


After much thought, I finally decided on getting these Angel wings!


Instacase! You can have your very own personalized case printed there on the spot. They have a printing machine very much like the photobooth ones!


Get one shoe that can transform into different styles with just a snap! Shoes with interchangeable straps from Twinkle Toes Co


Flower crowns GALORE, from LFT Flower Crowns


shoes, shoes SHOES!


Food trucks outside


Stuff I got, Tops from Vetus, Ribbon bows from Paradise Treats and Ear pins from Arajera

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DIY: Hair Chalking

Been seeing a lot of “hair chalks” being sold on instagram lately, and most of them sell at an average of P20 per chalk. WHICH IS QUITE EXPENSIVE! Considering they’re really just soft pastels. So just to see what the fuzz was all about, I decided to try and chalk my hair too! Since it’s always been a dream of mine to have pink locks.. I gave it a shot!

New folder (2) (Large)So I got out my set of Soft Pastels, which I used somehow during my architecture student life, as you can see the yellows, whites and blues have somehow been used up already. If you don’t have soft pastels at home, you can get them at any bookstore! They sell it for around P160 for 12 pieces.

Here goes nothing:

New folder (2)1 (Large)1. Get a strand of hair that you want “chalked”

2. dip the end, or until the part you want colored, in water

3. Select the chalk color of your choice!

4. Apply the chalk on the wet part of your hair

5. Let the chalked bit air dry

6. when it’s dry, iron it out to seal in the color

I just applied in on one strand on those step by step photos, here’s how my hair looked with all the ends coated in pink chalk! MESSY!

DSCF8687 (Large)

and the result?

DSCF8703 (Large)TADAAAH! pjnk-ish hair, sorry that the color of the whole photo is pinkish too, didn’t have time to take a decent photo outside, but rest assured that it DID turn pink, just don’t hold your hair too much because it will rub off.

I guess this would be an awesome idea if you want to try something new for just a day, but since my hair is black (obviously), the colors weren’t that vibrant, and they did fade away through out the day.


Guess what?

 So before I post my REALLY REALLY REALLY late Palawan tour (see the Palawan Congress post here) and DIY posts, I just wanted to share this amazing thing here..


I’ve created an ETSY shop! (click the photo to view my shop)

Fullscreen capture 5152013 55616 PM (Medium) For those of you who don’t know what in the world  ETSY is.. it’s a social commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies. (source: Wikipedia)

I’ve found so many wonderful things from Etsy and even bought a few charms from the states and got them shipped here! It makes international online shopping a breeze! So for all you guys outside the Philippines (and living in the Philippines too!), check out my Etsy store, you might just find something that suits your fancy.

So, now I’m just going to bombard this bottom part with some of the new bracelets i’m making and selling!

128_FUJI (Medium) Best selling Dainty Anchor and Helm Bracelets! This is just a color chart-list thing, Just choose a charm, choose a color and VOILA! you’ll have your custom bracelet!

I’ve also been selling bracelets in stacks, but you can also mix and match them with your other bracelets! Here are some of the stacks up for grabs:

2013-05-06 11.11.07 (Medium)

Pearl, Rose, twisted beads and handcuff stack

DSCF8169 (Medium) Rhinestone, Skull and Wishbone bracelet stack

DSCF8083 (Medium)

Flower crowns are ALL the rage for this summer, and what’s better than a flower crown on your head? A FLOWER CROWN ON YOUR WRIST OF COURSE! Get these in these two summer colors! simply love love love.


DSCF6682 (Medium) Neons for this Rhinestone cross bracelet! I have only a few left. so hit me up if you’re interested :)

DSCF8161 (Medium)You can also get the wishbone charm bracelets separately, It’s available in Pink, Gray and Mint green!

DSCF5454 (2) (Medium)Pink Bubblegum bead chain bracelet, always a classic!

DSCF7064 (Medium)And of course, my favorite, the multi wrap strap anchor bracelet, this comes with an adorable helm charm!

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